Bohemia Playing Cards

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Bohemia Playing Cards

Bohemia is the second deck in a six deck series by Uusi, the design company established by Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits. A successful Kickstarter project, Bohemia's artwork was inspired by the fusion of 17th-century Baroque style with contemporary, urban street art.

The tuck case design itself is very artistic. It is incorporates a unique divergent artistic influences, with the Bohemia logo written in traditional calligraphy on the front. The back meanwhile shows the back design of the cards. It is eye-catching and has an organic feel to it.

The deck is really impressive. All imagery in the deck is hand-painted. Every.Single.Card.  For example, the pips and indices are painted in varying shades of luminous blue for the dark suits of Spades and Clubs and lushly romantic red for the light suits of Hearts and Diamonds.

The court cards are the highlight of this deck. The Queen of Spades, for instance, is depicted as having voluminous, Marie Antoinette-style hair and an undulating silhouette, her dainty hands holding the traditional bedpost-like sceptre, while the one-eyed Jacks (Spades and Hearts) resemble knights or even gentlemen of the royal court, as they’re pictured riding horses and holding either a sword or a lance. Amazing details!

The deck is made with the traditional Bicycle stock with the standard Air-Cushion finish. Needless to say, handling is pretty darn good for all your flourishing needs but IMHO, these cards would look better in your collection.

This is another must have deck for any card collector. The design from the tuck case to each individual card is amazing. Each card could stand on it's own as an art piece. Also, this is a limited edition deck (only 3,500 produced) so try and get your hands on one.

- Elegant and unique tuck case
- Beautiful artwork on each individual card
- Very detailed custom court cards
- Eye-catching back design.

- None

- 5/5
Bohemia Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 10/22/2013 Rating: 5

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