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News: The Dark Knight Joker Cards (Set of 4) Movie Prop Sells for $800

Last month the comic book empire DC Entertainment launched a crowd funding campaign on in order to raise funds to fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. With the campaign, which is still running and is called DC Entertainment: We Can Be Heroes - Justice League Edition, DC is giving pledgers a chance to secure limited edition and one of a kind memorabilia from DC's long list of characters and stories.

One particular item of memorabilia that is relevant to this playing card site is the actual set of Joker cards used in the movie The Dark Knight, which went live today on the campaign. According to the IndieGoGo campaign, the set even includes the “Will the real Batman please stand up” playing card that was pinned to the chest of the ‘fake Batman’ in The Dark Knight.  Well, if you thought you had a chance to grab this one of a kind exclusive, guess again! The set of 4 was almost instantly scooped up today by an anonymous pledger for a whopping price tag (donation as they call it) of $800. Yes folks, that is $200 per card!

News: The Dark Knight Joker Cards (Set of 4) Movie Prop Sells for $800 Reviewed by Ivan on 10/15/2013 Rating: 5

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