Collections: Hollingworth by Dan and Dave

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Collections: Hollingworth by Dan and Dave

The Hollingworth Decks by Dan and Dave are a classy trip back in time to the early 1920’s; the Art Deco style is strong but not overbearing. While both decks may at first look the same except for the color, they are a little different, each offering its own attractive quality.

The original Hollingworth deck is presented in a nice Emerald Green and was originally only available in the Hollingworth Collection which included the deck and a collection of DVD’s of the master at his very best. It was also offered with a sleek, clean gold card clip bundle. Most recently the deck has been offered on its own for the first time. The cards handle exceptionally well, feeling a bit thin and light in your hands at first, but retain a nice snap and the handling is very nice. The court cards are accented with metallic inks and the back design has a beautiful “Holographic” pattern of Hollingworths initials “GH” repeating and shimmering with every angle of light that hits it. The tuck is very simple and clean, just the gold foiled “GH” initials on the front, and some foil corner “Framing “on the back of the tuck. My praises go to the look and design of the card backs, they are just hypnotic.

The Burgundy Edition looks richer that the original, the deep red with gold accents just pop on the tuck box as well as the card backs. The Burgundy edition got a bit of an upgrade in the tuck design, carrying the back design to the back of the tuck and enhanced by gold foiling. It truly catches your attention. The cards feel and handling are identical to the originals, the courts also have metallic inks to give them a nice shimmer, but the back design is void of the “Holographic” look of the original, still stunning with the Burgundy and Gold, but it doesn’t have that little extra “Illusion of Light” if you will.

That being said, both decks are beautifully simple and sleek in their presentation and offer a very rich and “Classy” look and feel. Very nice for magic as well as a hand of poker, the Hollingworth decks are worth picking up if you enjoy a deck that holds on to its familiarity, but does it with style. Being able to pick up the pair for about $30.00 isn’t terrible, but may be a bit on the boarder for some budgets, in which case going with the Burgundy alone will more than satisfy.

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