Card Radar: Spoon Playing Cards

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Card Radar: Spoon Playing Cards

Emerging inauspiciously in 1993, Spoon is an indie rock band based out of Austin, Texas. Spoon has made a career of ignoring rules and trends, amassing a relatively dud-free discography in the process. Their sound lies at the junction where classic rock and roll songwriting intersects with bold production choices and a uniquely experimental approach to mixing and arrangement.

Introducing Spoon Playing Cards! Designed by artists Matthew Jacobson and Camilo Medina, this Spoon-centric deck of cards are inspired by the band’s most recent album, They Want My Soul.  Originally, the band had plans to make some merchandising items based off They Want My Soul's album packaging. They loved the idea of playing cards (featured in the promotional image) and decided to go ahead making them.

The fully custom deck features 56 cards (in addition to the standard 52) including two 'R.I.P.' cards (instead of Jokers), one two-tone double-backed card, and one gaff card that includes all four suits. Printed by the famous USPCC, the playing cards are on sale now for $8 on Spoon’s website.

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