EXCLUSIVE First Look: Chameleons by Asi Wind and Expert Playing Card Company

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EXCLUSIVE First Look: Chameleons by Asi Wind and Expert Playing Card Company

[Update] Now available on conjuringarts.org. Don't miss out!

Here's an exclusive first look of the latest incredible deck series from EPCC called Chameleons. Designed by world-renowned magician Asi Wind, this deck is engineered to be the ultimate deck for magicians.

The deck handles amazing! Made from Expert's Classic stock, the deck feels familiar yet superior to standard decks. The Classic stock ensures that these decks won't vary from deck to deck and the cut is always perfect for faro shuffles (bottom up and tabled). The registration is perfect so they are beautiful and the borders don’t flutter when riffled.

The cards themselves are just as impressive with a beautiful ambigram of the AW initial on the backs. For the Ultra Luxury version, the initial has been iridescent stamped on each card back. The deck also features a custom Ace of Spades, beautifully rich court cards and two custom Jokers depicting the Chameleon.

One thing you will notice when you first open the deck are the order of the cards. The deck comes in Mnemonica order cut to the Ace of spades (on the bottom). Any Mnemonica user is ready to perform  just by opening a brand new deck in front of a spectator and removing the jokers and cutting once.

Another exciting thing about these deck is that it all come in tuck cases made of Expert's new exclusive synthetic paper. These amazing tucks will last and last and are waterproof. The worn out tuck box problem plaguing working magicians is now a thing of the past.

The Chameleons come in three versions; Metallic Red: $9.95, Metallic Blue: $9.95 and Ultra Luxury Metallic Green with Foil on the cards: $19.95. The Ultra Luxury version comes in a specially designed tuck with a die cut hole so that the beautiful iridescent stamped on each card back can be seen even while the deck is safely boxed.

Special bundle is available as well: 1 of each color (valued at $45), for just $34.95 pstpd US (+$9.99 worldwide) and 5 + 5 + 2 (a $149 value), for $119.00 pstpd US (+ $19.99 worldwide).

[Update] Now available on conjuringarts.org. Don't miss out!

According to EPCC, only a small quantity of each color were produced so act now while you can. The release date given by EPCC is 15th July.

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