Card Radar: Firefly Playing Cards

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Card Radar: Firefly Playing Cards

What do you do when you are stuck on a transport vessel in the middle of space? It will be handy if you have something to keep yourself occupied… like a deck of cards!

This full-size standard poker deck is based on the popular science fiction television series, Firefly. A collaboration between QMx and renowned Browncoat artist Ben Mund (of Serenity Blueprints and Atlas of the Verse fame), these officially licensed Firefly Playing Cards look distressed, as if there have been around abit, much like the ship herself. The deck consists of the standard four suits of 13 cards each plus two jokers, and features fully custom designs.

Whether it’s Vera on the Jack of Clubs, the companion taking a sponge bath on the Queen of Diamonds or Serenity herself on the Ace of Spades, Firefly Playing Cards are a uniquely Versey experience, sporting dozens of unique works of art. There’s even a Easter egg or two for the sharp-eyed fan to find!

Whether you’re betting cashy money or chores (two bonus chore cards included with the deck to help with that), you can look forward to many hours of fun and games with the Firefly Playing Cards.

Printed by the USPCC on their high quality Bicycle-grade paper with a satiny embossed finish, every inch of this deck is designed with Firefly in mind. Available from

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