First Look: MYTHICAL Playing Cards by Jumperound

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First Look: MYTHICAL Playing Cards by Jumperound

Coming fresh off the success of their recent Kickstarter project, World of Mythology, the team at Jumperound, returns with a playing card project called MYTHICAL.

Jumperound is a small creative laboratory of art, games, interactive accessories and other pop culture features. They love ancient mythologies very much and it was first inspiration for their art. After their first project, their fans asked about a playing card deck with mythological art. So Jumperound decided to create Mythical deck.

Mythical is a new style of classic poker-sized playing cards based on the mythological characters from the World of Mythology card game. Every character card has its unique background illustration describing god's environment. Every suit (mythology) has its unique rune used in the ace and pips cards design. For example:

Hearts = Greek mythology: presented by Zeus, Aphrodite and Poseidon
Spades = Norse mythology: presented by Odin, Hel and Thor
Clubs = Egyptian mythology: presented by Ra, Isis and Horus
Diamonds = Slavic mythology: presented by Dazhbog, Lada and Veles.

Jokers are presented by Apollo and Bragi. They both hold a harp to entertain main deities with their music and poetry.

There will be 2 editions available, the Classic edition with black backside and a white background on the front and Old-world edition, which imitates ancient paperworks and available at the stretch goal of $7500. Pledge starts from $12.

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