News: MIRAGE - New Playing Cards by Magician Patrick Kun

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News: MIRAGE - New Playing Cards by Magician Patrick Kun

Magician Patrick Kun just released a new deck of playing cards called MIRAGE. This modern elegant deck of playing cards was conceptualized by Patrick himself with assistance from Simon Black/Toby. Over a year in the making, these playing cards have seen constant aesthetic changes influenced and elegantly refined by multiple artists.

Specially crafted for both magic and cardistry, the back features an optical spiral illusion when spins which is great for Cardistry. Also, the interior design for the tuck case has a nice 3D looking pattern to match the theme.

In terms of the design, the back features a dark blue hue reminiscent of the night sky, with four corners resembling epaulets on a uniform. The crosshatched pattern on either end of the deck showcases a crystalline, multifaceted pinstripe garb that serves as a quasi-3-dimensional illusion within the background of the card. The Ace of Spades and Jokers are custom while the standard courts are used to hold the traditional functionality of the cards.

When asked about the inspiration behind the design, Patrick said,
The back design was inspired by the impossible shape that I designed for my logo "P". I wanted to find a theme that everyone can relate to and that is mystery. This deck all have illusion aspect built in. The deck also comes with a specially designed Hyper card that can be given away as a souvenir. You can actually show both sides of this gaff card. I haven't seen anyone who does this to Hyper card yet.

Printed by the Legends Playing Card Company, the Mirage deck features LPCC's Classic Finish card stock, a soft and 'papery' feeling stock which requires no break-in period. MIRAGE is perfect for any card enthusiasts, sleight of hand artists, cardist or poker nights.

Available at Don't forget to check out the EPIC trailer below:

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