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First Look: Omnia Antica Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

Back in June 2015, Thirdway Industries, founded by Italian designer Giovanni Meroni, launched the Omnia Series on Kickstarter. Omnia had three decks, Oscura, Illumina and Suprema, and every deck represented a different dimensional plane: Oscura was the dark side, Illumina the bright one and Suprema was the plane where the Gods live.

Coming in January 2016, the ancient planes of the Omnia universe will be revealed, with a new campaign "Omnia: The Golden Age". Here's Giovanni to tell us more,

Accordingly to Omnia Mythology, the courts of this series will be the ancestors of the "classic" Omnia courts. The upcoming campaign will include three different decks again. This is an exclusive sneak peek of the first, unlimited deck of the campaign - Omnia Antica.

This deck represents an era of abundance and wealth, with emperors, conquerors, priestess, sultans and pharaohs. All the cards are designed from scratch, it won't be just a color swap.

Omnia Antica will be printed by Expert Playing Card Co. and features copper foil on a dark red / brown tuck box and a lot of metallic inks on faces and backs. Design will be intricate and fully-custom, with a new symbology based on the "classic" Omnia: the eternal return, Uroboros and a lot of new hidden symbols.

The suits are inspired by ancient cultures: Hearts are Egyptian, Clubs are Greek, Diamonds are Roman and Spades Babylonian/Persian. Some courts are inspired by some important personalities of the past, for example, the Queen of Hearts is inspired by Cleopatra.

You probably already saw the pictures, but I have to officially confirm this: the queens will be sexy and beautiful - and, in Thirdway Industries tradition, there will be a different female and a male joker in each deck.

The others two decks of the campaign, Magnifica and Perduta, will have completely different backs, tuck boxes, courts and aces.

Stay tuned for the second part where we reveal the limited edition Omnia Magnifica.... and Giovanni promised that it will be the most baroque deck ever produced by Thirdway Industries!

To find out more about OMNIA and anything Thirdway Industries, visit them at or follow them on Facebook.

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