First Look: Superior Brand from the Expert Playing Card Co.

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First Look: Superior Brand from the Expert Playing Card Co.

Available in a limited offering tomorrow from the Expert Playing Card Co. the Superior Brand. The decks feature EPCC's new Robusto Finish and tucks designed by Jackson Robinson, I have to say they are quite impressive.

The Pre-Release will be tomorrow December 17th, with a wide release some time next year. There will only be 200 Standard Edition decks available and 100 Private Reserve Edition (Limited to 1000) decks for sale tomorrow and they will ship immediately and directly from Taipei. Deck will be available through Conjuring Arts.

The Private Reserve decks will be priced at $24.95 upon their regular release, but tomorrow's pre-release batch will be available for $19.95. The Standard Edition will be priced at $9.95 upon their regular release with an early pre-release price of $7.95.

The Superior Brand is our newest brand joining Exquisite, Zen, Global Titan and our others from EPCC. It represents our never-ending effort to both create the greatest cards and offer them to you at the most reasonable prices.

New Features:

Robusto Stock: Both editions of the new Robusto Classic share this new stock from Expert PCC, and simply put, it’s the thickest, strongest, most elegant stock ever used for playing cards. Be ready to use some serious hand strength when using these. They are not flimsy, spongy cards like many other decks on the market. Much like a baseball batter might swing two bats, the thickness of this stock makes for an outstanding practice deck. If you can do poker deals, shifts, springs or fans with this deck, handling one of our Master Finish or Classic Finish decks will be a breeze. 

Foil on Foil: We believe that this is the first time foil has been applied directly on top of other foil. This opens up the world to an amazing array of effects that could not have been done before. The Reserve deck tuck was stamped with a very expensive matte red foil followed by gold foil on top of that.

Full foil backs: We were the first to use foil on the backs of cards when we introduced the Exquisite Bold last year. Our modest little star was a cool feature and proved to the world that first-class cardistry and sleight-of-hand level playing cards could also have foil on the backs. Since that revolutionary technique was launched we have produced XX different decks with foil on their backs and are now ready for the piece de resistance: the complete back pattern in hot stamped foil. We are aware that about 18 months after we introduced foil on card backs other manufactures “invented” the process and now are claiming something original. Not only did we actually do it first, we do it best. Our full back design in gold foil on our Robusto Classic Reserve is now the reference standard.

In addition to these new features this pair of decks also offer other wonderful elements that you have come to regularly expect from an EPCC deck: embossing multiple foil colors, spot UV, numbered custom seals and more.

If you want to have the decks that changed everything, buy your Robusto Classics today.

We want to thank Expert Playing Card Co. for the opportunity to bring you a first look of this beautifully innovative and functional deck. It's truly impressive the way the deck handles and feels, well worth picking up a few.

Keep up to date with all of EPCC's innovations and new releases by following them on their Facebook page as well as their Instagram Feed.

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