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First Look: Omnia Perduta Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

[Update] Omnia Golden Age now available on Kickstarter!

In the third and final part of our first look at the upcoming Omnia: The Golden Age series by Thirdway Industries, we will look at the Omnia Perduta, the third deck of the campaign. In the first part, we looked at the unlimited deck of the campaign - Omnia Antica and in the second part- Omnia Magnifica, the limited deck of Omnia: The Golden Age campaign.

Perduta means "Lost" and represents an era of war and destruction, when everything has collapsed. As this is the final deck of the campaign, it will only be available as a stretched goal. According to Giovanni Meroni, not much will be revealed until the stretched goal has been unlocked during the campaign. Here's what we know,

Perduta will have Green Foil on the new EPCC Dark "Stardust" paper. The cards will have light green and gold metallic inks. Green is the key color of Omnia Perduta, and the courts are be aggressive and malicious. You can consider it as the "dark side" of the Omnia past.

As mentioned in our previous first looks of Omnia: The Golden Age, all three decks will be different, no color swaps.

Here are the tuck boxes:

Omnia: The Golden Age will be launched on Kickstarter the 6 January 2016 - UTC 14:00 - EST 9:00 (New York) - CET 15:00 (Milan). You can subscribe the Thirdway Industries newsletter to recieve a notification.

Oh... Giovanni promised there will be a lot of early birds available and surprises planned! Don't miss out!
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