First Look: Pipmen World by Elephant Playing Cards

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First Look: Pipmen World by Elephant Playing Cards

Early last year, Ben Jones and his team at Elephant Playing Cards (EPC) released the playful Pipmen Playing Cards. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter having achieved over 129% in funding. This year EPC is back with a follow-up, introducing Pipmen World.

Pipmen World is a creative new deck of playing cards which features fun little Pipmen interacting with the suit symbols on the face of each card to make unique scenes. On the design, Ben said,
Each card is different, and the court cards (the Jack, Queen, and King) and also unique reversible Pipmen scenes. These colorful scenes make the Pipmen cards incredibly creative, but that is not all the deck has to offer. Each individual scene connects to all the others to create a large picture - a picture of the Pipmen's world!

This puzzle aspect of the deck makes it truly unique. While there has been diptych or even hexastich decks before (a picture in 2 or 6 parts), no other deck has made a self-contained picture with all the cards, which in themselves are individual pictures. Pipmen World is a world first Polyptych puzzle where every card has its place. Ben continues,
In addition to the puzzle aspect, Pipmen World is a fully functional deck of playing cards. The Pipmen interact with the clear suit symbols, and the card number and indices in the corners are completely unimpaired with a white border bounding the artwork. Because of this, the deck can be used for any card game, while still being a great game to bring to parties.

The Pipmen World will be printed by Legends Playing Card Co and will feature silver foil accents on the tuck, custom Pipmen seal and interior tuck printing (stretched goal). Scheduled launch date, February 14th on Kickstarter.
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