First Look: SINS Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries Part 3

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First Look: SINS Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries Part 3

[Update] SINS Playing Cards are now available on Kickstarter and fully funded!

In the third and final part of our first look at Thirdway Industries’ upcoming SINS Playing Cards, we will look at the SINS Anima, the limited edition deck of the campaign. In the first part, we looked at SINS CORPUS, the unlimited deck based on sins that influence the body - and in the second part, the SINS MENTIS, the second unlimited deck that influenced thought.
As usual, Giovanni Meroni likes to keep the final and limited deck a surprise. He did mention that the ANIMA will be based on all the seven Sins - and will be completely red. Red cards and red box!
The ANIMA Spades are inspired by Sloth and Pride. Diamonds represented by Wrath and Greed. Clubs represented by Envy and Gluttony. Finally, Hearts are the apotheosis of Lust, with an accent of Wrath.
In all three decks, the jokers will be Adam and Eve but they are different in each deck. Giovanni explained,
Adam and Eve once lived in Eden - they were pure, but they were also unaware. When Eve ate the Apple, she condemned us all, but she also opened our eyes. SINS may be our worst temptations, our dark side - but they're also the emotion that made us awake, alive and human.
Giovanni continues,
SINS are the fuel that drove mankind to greatness. Humans made great endeavors in their name - some full of Greed. Others lured by Lust. So, is SINS another "evil" deck? I don't think so. The project have a strong theme and it's more mature than any other I did, but I tried to see it in a positive way. SINS may be bad, but they also represent the freedom to be human.

The launch date for the campaign will be 17 February 2017 (UTC 14:30- 15:30 in Milan and 9:30 in New York).

[Update] SINS Playing Cards are now available on Kickstarter and fully funded!

To find out more about SINS and anything Thirdway Industries, visit them at or follow them on Facebook.
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