First Look: Brew House Playing Cards Re-Launch

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First Look: Brew House Playing Cards Re-Launch

Coming to Kickstarter tomorrow February 23rd the relaunch of Brew House Playing Cards from Daniel Kroemer and Forge Knox. Brew House has gone through some nice design changes as well as offering a more simplified campaign. 

Inspired by vintage beer advertising and beautiful glassware artwork that we've grown so accustomed to seeing in our favorite pubs and restaurants, Brew House comes from a personal love of the genre. 

According to Daniel,
I've always loved beer advertising. Fuel was added to that fire even more, when I began working at The Design Pub. I've collected old beer memorabilia for quite some time now, along with signs and brewery glassware.

Daniel continued,
A little fun fact about myself is that I have a collection of over 1,000 different glasses from all over the world, all because I love the artwork involved with each of them. I noticed a lack of any classy beer related playing card deck on the market so it seemed like an opportunity to create my own.

The Brew House campaign is offering some "Early Bird" specials, multi-deck tiers with a saving incentive as well as well as some hand-crafted add-ons. The Brew House decks come in two colors, but each deck is completely unique as a stand-alone offering.

Mark your calendar's and give Brew House Playing Cards a closer look on launch day. We wish Daniel the best of luck with his campaign and hope everyone gives this masterfully designed set a look.

To keep up to date on the project you can visit the pre-launch page at as well as the projects Instagram account.
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