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Kickstarter: AGAPE Playing Cards by Parama Playing Cards

After successfully funding two decks on Kickstarter, the team at Parama Playing Cards are relaunching their first project that started it all for them, AGAPE Playing Cards. Paolo told Kardify,
We worked hard to learn as much as possible to create our first deck. A lot of efforts was put in, but unfortunately, we didn't hit the funding goal. AGAPE was our inaugural project and we didn't know as much back then, but we never forgot this deck. This project is the foundation of what we are now.

The team parked the project... until now. The concept remained the same, with the word AGAPE being the inspiration for the project. Paolo continued,
AGAPE is the name we’ve chosen for our first deck of cards, in the Latin language it means “Caritas”, brotherly immense love. It is used in Christian theology to show God’s unconditional love for the human race.

The principal theme is the heart which represents love for family, friends, and others. With that in mind, the card back design includes 4 hearts that represents this concept. The Agape tuck box features 2-color foil, embossed, interior print and printed on a soft-touch card stock.

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