First Look at Dinastia Playing Cards

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First Look at Dinastia Playing Cards

[Update] Dinastia Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

If you are like us and have been glued to the TV watching the World Cup, this deck will pique your interest. Launching on Kickstarter today, Dinastia Playing Cards celebrates football (soccer) legends from past and present. The deck by Guzo Borboa and produced by our friends at Enigmacard has been crafted for the collectors and fans of the beautiful game. On the inspiration, Guzo explained,
I grew up during the World Cup in Mexico 1986. I recall the impressive ad campaigns on television that used the most advanced technology at that time. Dynasty is a deck that represents strength, passion and movement, a tribute to the leaders, the heroes and the legends that inspire us to be better.

Dinastia is fully custom and very well thought out. The court cards and jokers prominently feature legends of the sports. The indices have a special typeface which is the lion symbol of strength, courage, and justice inspired by the classic letters of the football jerseys. The aces evoke shields of clubs that fans will be familiar with and the tuck box represents the football field. On the design process, Guzo said,
I drew the main figure with ink, then brought it to life with color pencil and watercolor. I added some artistic effects to finally finish coloring digitally. 

The sleek mirrored card backs are characterized by the protagonist of the sport- the ball and the emblem. The stars around the emblem represent the number of World Cups held to-date. The solid lines on baroque patterns are an allegory to the aesthetics of the uniforms of the game from the oldest to the modern jerseys.

[Update] Dinastia Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Dinastía will launch on Kickstarter today and will be printed by Cartamundi on the popular true linen B9 finish. The is limited to only 2000 decks. Early birds will start at USD$8.60 per deck. Also, posters and the original artwork of the deck will be available as a reward tier.

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