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Kickstarter: Limited Casino Royale (Refined Edition) Playing Cards by Bomb Magic

Casino Royale: Refined Edition is the latest release from Bomb Magic, targeting a wider audience, from cardistry to game nights. The colorful back design is an homage to the classic Casino decks with a modern twist!

It is designed with traditional casino-styles and has a colorful back of fashion multi-colored diamond. It’s inspired by old casino deck and incorporated with some modern design characteristics. All aces and court cards are custom. According to Hanson Bomb,
There are no other decks better than this to present the plastic stock. You might think handling is also important. YES! That’s what we’ve been balancing it. The purpose of this deck/project is to keep it as high quality as possible, but touch more minds of popular people.

For the Kickstarter project time around, the Refined Edition features a thin plastic stock with smooth finish. Thus, it will be waterproof AND tearproof. Printed out of Taiwan by TWPCC, the plastic stock is extremely durable and the thin stock is perfect for springs and faros.

Also, the Casino Royale: Elite Edition will be unlocked once the stretched goal of HKD$50,000 (USD$6,400) is achieved! NOW on Kickstarter and pledge starts at HKD$79 (USD$10) for a single deck.
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