Card Radar: Juan Tamariz Playing Cards

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Card Radar: Juan Tamariz Playing Cards

Juan Tamariz is not your typical magician... but you already knew that. He's a deep thinker whose engaging manner conceals his exceptional cleverness. Not only is he a celebrity of television and stage magic in Spain and South America, Juan is well known internationally among magicians as a true master of his art, and one who generously shares his time and knowledge, both in print and in person, with the magic community.

The Juan Tamariz Playing Cards is the first collaborative effort of Dani DaOrtiz and Jack Nobile (D&J), with Grupokaps (Gkaps) and AssoKappa. It is inspired by the DVD, Juan Tamariz - Magic From My Heart produced by Grupokaps in 2017 and is a tribute to one of the greatest minds in magic.

A year in the making, the deck is designed by Jonathan Cadenazzi and Arnaldo Thomas DeRosa. The custom artwork of the deck highlights some of the aspects that caricature and reflects the character of Juan: the spider and the imaginary violin. In his legendary book Sonata, illustrations of musical notes resting on staves woven by fun spiders hand-drawn by Juan himself. It is the spiders, that always put an end to every thought written by Juan himself. Appropriately, the spider has been featured throughout the deck.

The tuck box sports a purple colorway, with the magic melody, depicted by Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds- composed in an imaginary pentagram woven by the spiders of passion, and interpreted by Juan, represented by his infamous purple top hat.

The face cards are semi-custom and easily recognizable. The purple color palate has been applied consistently to the court cards and the mirrored card backs. The Ace of Spades features the side silhouette of Juan's profile, while the two jokers depict the violin case of Juan's imaginary violin.

Overall a very well thought out deck created from love, admiration, and passion. An acknowledgment to one of the most creative mind in magic. Available now from for €18.90.
Card Radar: Juan Tamariz Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 8/16/2018 Rating: 5

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