First Look: Magnum Force Playing Cards

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First Look: Magnum Force Playing Cards

Ahh the '80s! The era of fluoro socks, permed hair, Donkey Kong, pop music, Reeboks… and, of course, Saturday morning cartoons! The Magnum Force deck by Rare Playing Cards is an 80s themed deck with characters from some of the cartoons.

Produced by Rare Playing Cards and designed by Basil Murad (Instagram: @bloodychrome), the Magnum Force deck is inspired by his childhood. The deck sports shades of Magenta giving it a nostalgic feel. On the design of the deck, Basil told Kardify,
When Rare Playing Cards first contacted me about doing an 80s themed deck of cards, I immediately had the idea of creating a host of wacky characters much like you would have seen in some of the Saturday morning cartoons from that decade.

Brasil drew some very rough sketches in a matter of hours and began to conceptualize the world in which these characters would exist. He continued,
It quickly occurred to me how perfectly the playing card format lent itself to this concept; each suit being a team with a unique logo, hearts and diamonds being the good guys and spades and clubs the bad guys, the joker cards being the plucky sidekicks and/or comic reliefs, etc.

Eventually, Brasil developed a little universe with each character having a backstory, and tried to do it in a way that was both nostalgic as well as timely. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter pitch video is animated in the style of an 80s cartoon intro, and it is no surprise that it ended up being far more work than Brasil could have anticipated.
That said, it is shaping up quite nicely and I really hope that anyone who has fond memories of shows like Thundercats, He-man, GI-Joe, etc, will dig it. I had a blast creating this deck and I can’t wait to launch this Kickstarter with Rare Playing Cards!
Check out the cool trailer below! The Magnum Force Playing Cards will launch August 8th on Kickstarter.

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