Cardistry: 3 Questions with Matthew Fox of Aedijux Playing Cards

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Cardistry: 3 Questions with Matthew Fox of Aedijux Playing Cards

The first time Matthew Fox (Instagram: @aedijux) laid my eyes on Dan and Dave Buck's Smoke and Mirror's playing cards, he knew one day he wanted a deck of his own. Aedijux Playing Cards is conceptualized by Matt and designed by Weston Bingham (Instagram: @wcbin). According to Matt,
When I started Cardistry, I remember there only being a couple custom decks on the market. Cardistry is in it's prime right now and I felt this was a good time to finally release my own deck. I love that all my friends are making amazing cards and are able to not only make a living doing cardistry, but are able to do collaborations with bigger brands, hold events to release their decks, and fund trips around the world, just from cardistry and playing cards.

From the faceless court cards to the 4 tone border on the back and extra cards, everything was designed by the ground up by Weston. The colors are just the right balance of bright pastels that give off vibes of the 90's culture. The tuck box comes with colored flaps, hand-drawn logo on the front, and that wacky squiggle design on the sides and back.

Although the deck may not be for everyone, Matt wanted to create something that is unique and that he would want to be proud to carry around and use. Here's our quick Q&A with Matt:

What is your inspiration behind Aedijux Playing Cards? How did you come up with the idea?
I drew a lot of inspiration from the 90's and the colors/vibes that were around back then. I enlisted the help of my friend Weston Bingham, who also brought a lot of great ideas to the deck.

We first noticed the deck on Instagram and during Cardistry-Con Portland. What do you think of the community in terms of the feedback and support that you’ve been getting so far? 
So far the support is surreal. At the time of me answering these questions, we are 73% funded with 24 days to go. People were coming up to me and Weston at the con asking about these and wanting to try the prototypes. Seeing people's faces light up when they see the cards gave us the reassurance that we did these right and we wouldn't change a thing about it.

Finally, what are your favorite flourishes and playing cards?
My favorite flourish is probably Mockingbird by Daren Yeow or currently, I have been doing Yang Chan's Balisong a lot aswell. I perform that move probably more than anything else. As for my favorite deck, I think currently it is the Fontaine Futures.

If you liked what you read here and would like to support the Aedijux Playing Cards,  head to Kickstarter here! Pledge starts at $15 and the deck will be printed by United States Playing Card Company on crushed stock.

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