The Emperor Deck by Penguin Magic on Kickstarter Today!

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The Emperor Deck by Penguin Magic on Kickstarter Today!

We are really excited about this deck! The Emperor Deck is a fully custom deck of playing cards conceived by Kevin Reylek, designed by world-renowned artist Mark Stutzman and produced by Penguin Magic.

[Updated] The Emperor deck is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

The deck is inspired by the most recognized and well-known of all penguins, the emperor penguin with its distinct, classic, and iconic look. Penguin Magic has certainly created a timeless deck that represents the entire brand.

The back design is one of the most intricate we've ever seen! Meticulously illustrated by Mark Stutzman, the mirrored back design features penguins galore. From sliding penguins, marching penguins, to the featured performer penguin to give a nod to the deck's magical roots. Snowflakes and detailed scrollwork complete the look.

The custom Ace of Spades is simply beautiful. It features two penguins rising up from the icy waters, the tips of their beaks meeting at the apex. Very distinctive and bold design! The face cards are standard to maintain familiarity with spectators.

The cards are packaged in a beautiful black & white tuck box. The front of the box features a modified and more ornately decorated version of the performer penguin. Standing in the night sky surrounded by icy mountains, standing proud, declaring to the world that he is the EMPEROR. The tuck is topped off with a silver foil seal featuring the Emperor Spade.

Along with the Standard Edition deck, the Special Edition Gilded deck is also available during the Kickstarter campaign. The Special Edition will have beautiful silver gilded edges and come in a special tuck box made from a shiny pearlescent paper. The special edition gilded deck is limited to only 500 decks. The gilded deck is available as part of a 2-deck Collector's Set.

Both decks will be printed to perfection by the Expert Playing Card Company on classic stock & finish. Launching on Kickstarter today (5th August, 12 noon Eastern). We are told that early bird pledge tiers are available for the first 48 hours of the campaign.

[Updated] The Emperor deck is now LIVE on Kickstarter!


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