These Are the Five Design Updates to Orbit V7

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These Are the Five Design Updates to Orbit V7

The new Orbits are going 80's! The seventh edition Orbit deck was released last weekend and there are a few noticeable changes and enhancement done to the deck.

1. The iconic card back now features a pink dominant center along with the mountain range from the V5 Orbits that are now inverted so they are a window to whats behind the card rather than the original mountains.

2. Pips and indices are based on a retro Arrco deck in Chris Brown's private collection- they are a bit thinner than previous Orbit pip packages (that are also Arrco) and look a little wavy. This was not an accident as the team wanted to capture the essence of a 70's deck that would have been used in the 80's, imperfections and all. The red has been replaced with pink on the V7's for an extra eye-catching aesthetic.

3. New custom court faces have been added, the Queen of Clubs, the King of Clubs and the king of Spades. The courts in the Orbit deck have played an important part in Chris' life and have guided him through some tough times.

4. The rainbow at the bottom of the tuck box inside the Orbit logo is a direct tribute to the lives lost in the 1986 space shuttle Challenger on their mission STS-51-L. The last names of the crew can be found on the inside of the V7 tuck because those who gave their lives for space exploration should never be forgotten.

5. The V7 Parallel Edition. During the V7 design process, designer Daniel Schneider showed Chris the final render of the inside of the V7 box and was blown away by how 80's it looked. Chris desided to make the design it's own deck and introduve the parral iniverse concept and hence, the Parallel Edition. Throughout the deck of the V7p's you'll find some things have been changed/flipped from the V7 to further highlight the fact that you're now in a parallel universe.

The Orbit V7 and V7 Parallel Edition are available NOW from for $13 and $15, respectively. The decks are printed by the USPCC on premium Crushed Stock with Air cushion finish, made on the Web press.

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