Deck View: Enigma Playing Cards

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Deck View: Enigma Playing Cards

Intriguing. Labyrinth. Riddle.

This is the first deck by the team at Enigma Cards based out of Monterrey, Mexico. Enigma Playing Cards was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in 2016 and it is an intriguing deck!

Enigma Cards wanted to create a deck that would set itself apart from any known deck available in the current market, using elements not commonly used in playing card designs. The card backs use horizontal traces to maintain and enhance the movement and flow of cardistry moves. It also suggests the idea of a riddle, a labyrinth, some might think there is something hidden in it.

The court cards have been designed with the same minimalist approach as the tuck, stripping down all the “heavy” elements from the court cards and making them simple and sleek. The ace of spades features the all-seeing eye embedded in a big spade that is being pierced by 2 swords. The tuck box features "spot UV" process leaving a shiny black print with an embossed effect over a black matte paper. On the front, the logo and the eye are adorned with silver foil.

Printed by the Expert Playing Card Co on Classic Finish. Available from For other cool decks, check out from JP Games Ltd.

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