Kickstarter: 5 Things You Should Know About Ristretto Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: 5 Things You Should Know About Ristretto Playing Cards

Designed from the ground up, the fun Ristretto Playing Cards are conceptualized by Beau Cremer and designed by Andy Hamilton. The deck is currently funding on Kickstarter, and it's already more than 58% its goal, raising just shy of £6,100 (USD$7,500) with two weeks to go. The deck is fully custom with hand-illustrated Aces and court cards of incredible and inspiring people and the intricate coffee themed back with coffee rings become part of the larger picture.

Here are the 5 things you should know about the Ristretto Playing Cards.

1. Coffee Scented
What's better than a coffee themed deck? A deck you can actually crack open the tuck and be greeted with a delicious scent of a freshly brewed cup. Beau explained, "By adding the scent to the tuck case we can bring the best flavor to your nose without jeopardizing the handling of the cards."

We are told that the scent is activated only when you contact the strip for the first time so keeping the deck on the shelf will keep its flavors sealed until you decide to open them.

2. 100% Custom
Legendary artist and co-founder Andy Hamilton created a new and fresh deck from the ground up. From the inspired court cards to the coffee themed back the intricate detail oozes its way through every card. It doesn’t stop there, we carried it through to the tuck by adding a tasty seal to keep in the freshness.

3. Inspired by Legends
"The whole coffee idea came about from sitting down and having a cup of Joe with some amazing people. This then turned into who else could learn a lot from these people so a list of incredible people was created to become part of the deck. From magicians to bartenders you will learn so much from these people and leave inspired."

4. Limited Edition Dark Roast Deck
"With the standard ’Tricky Roast' deck to be printed on the B9 slimline stock by Cartamundi. What better way to keep the deliciousness flowing than with a limited edition deck (limited to 500) waiting in the wings on a stretch goal, with the same B9 stock but added hot stamp and cold foil faces and back. Now, who better to create dreams come true than you and the Cartamundi cuties."

5. Thinking Outside the Box
With the court cards being such high-quality designs, backers of the 'custom design' pledge tier are able to get custom artwork of themselves. "So from a picture you send us, Andy begins the process of drawing you a custom piece which takes from start to finish 8 - 10 hours. That's right no APP, no fancy filter, just good old fashion skill! We send you a screenshot of it, you okay it and we send it immediately to print. The artwork is then digitally printed is on 170gsm Rives archival A3 paper, so it's perfect for hanging and won't fade."

Then while the artwork is in print, Beau will begin to create you a digital edit. You will be photoshopped into a coffee-related scenario, this whole edit takes him about 3- 4 hours. He will then send you this image which will be 3240 × 4050 so you can post on social media, or put as your desktop/phone wallpaper.

Available now on Kickstarter, pledge starts at £12 (USD$15) for a single deck.

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