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Plum Pi Playing Cards, First in the "Pi Slice" Series

The Plum Pi Playing Cards are now available on The deck is a follow-up to the Pi deck- Jackson's first experiment in creating a cardistry specific deck released earlier this year to Kings Wild Shorts Subscribers. The Plum Pi is the first deck in the "Pi Slice" series.

The Plum Pi is a fun colorful deck with fully custom face cards and a hypnotic circular line pattern card backs. Consistent to the theme, the Ace of Spades, Jokers and pips on the face cards are updated with the circular design element.

The court cards feature an orange/purple/green colorway, giving the deck a truly vibrant look and fun vibe. The top left and bottom right of the face cards have been accentuated with an orange-colored corner, making fans and spreads look incredible.

The deck is housed in a minimalist tuck, letterpressed by Clove St Press. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company. The standard edition Plum Pi is available for $16. Also, each Pi deck includes a matching holographic Pi Slice Sticker.

Collect all eight Pi Slice Stickers and get the Mud Pi deck for free.

Plum Pi Playing Cards, First in the "Pi Slice" Series Reviewed by Ivan on 9/18/2019 Rating: 5

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