Oxygen Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Oxygen Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Oxygen is the second deck in the Elemental Playing Cards lineup following the success of the Hydrogen Deck. The deck is an homage to the simple beauty of the periodic table — and a nod towards the many ways it mirrors a deck of playing cards. According to designer Nick Nisco,
I’m really excited to release the second deck in the Elemental Playing Card lineup because it starts to show the vision I had for the series and what is possible with the collection.

The deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company on premium Bee stock and include the use of a metallic blue ink which is meant to represent the element in its liquid form.

The custom back design has been designed in a traditional poker style with a border showcasing the molecular bonding of oxygen. A portion of Bohr’s atomic model is also present with the words “Just Breathe” written in the electron cloud. Nick continued,
This has two purposes. One, to introduce a human element into the deck, and two, as a reminder to relax, take a few seconds and enjoy the moment. Mindful breathing has been known to help us refocus, release stress & tension, reduce anxiety, and increase creativity. Every single one of these is a benefit when it comes to using cards to perform magic or cardistry, as well as during different types of gameplay.

Meanwhile, the Ace of Spades has been customized to show off various important information for the element and the royals have been customized to include details that reflect the element oxygen and how it is used in different ways. The red color on the royal's garment has been enhanced with metallic blue ink.

The deck is enclosed in a custom tuck case designed so that when it is placed next to future element releases they can be “bonded” to create various molecules. The back of the tuck case showcases the element’s information as it would be found on the periodic table of elements.

Available NOW on Kickstarter. Pledge starts at $13 for a single deck.

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