Kings Wild Frankendecks Drops TODAY!

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Kings Wild Frankendecks Drops TODAY!

The Frankendecks are basically one-off unique hand-made decks where the Kings Wild crew will put together Frankenstein-style two different tuck-cases from previous releases together!

All of the Frankendecks are one of a kind, and will be signed by Jackson. Inside, you will also get a signed joker or signed Ace of Spades. Every card is fully functional and you can use it for poker or family game nights. They are made out of 52 different playing cards from various decks King Wild released over the year. 

The Frankendeck makes for a very interesting collectible.. however, each will cost $100! Note that 50% of all revenue from the sale of the Frankendecks will be given to the crew in a form of a tip jar. Not only will you be getting a one-of-a-kind item but you also a way to say thank you to the KW crew.

The Frankendeck drops today (29th July) at 12pm EST for members, 5pm EST for the general public on


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