On Kickstarter, The Secret Playing Cards

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On Kickstarter, The Secret Playing Cards

What a good-looking deck! The Secret Playing Cards is the first release from the Chamber of Wonder- inviting you into a world full of wonders and mysteries. Conceptualized by Tom Hsiung, a magician based in Toronto, Canada the deck is beautifully designed by Alba Zapata. The Secret Playing Cards is inspired by the stories of the Illuminati with multiple references and symbols illustrated throughout the deck. 

The deck is 100% custom and available in TWO editions- Scarlet Edition and Virescent Edition. The custom card backs prominently feature the enormous serpent, with an eye peeking from the body of the snake. The All-Seeing Eye is considered a famous symbol of the Illuminati while the serpent is often represented as a potent guardian of sacred places. 

The court cards are composed of angular shapes such that it carries out a rigid ambiance. Throughout the court cards, there are many secret symbols for you to discover. Alba has done a wonderful job combining her unique art style with the multiple inspirations of the Illuminati. Loving the modern twist to the traditional courts. 

The bold Ace of Spades has an owl on the design with the all-seeing eye hanging above him. Within the shade of spade, there are also several roses scattered around. 

While the court cards and ace of spades each have unique custom designs, the pips have been enhanced. If you look at each suit closely, you can find detailed patterns infused in it. The number cards are designed with a lot of eye-catching colors- deep red, gold, green and black. Giving it a sense of mystery. 

The deck is packaged in a stunning tuck box adorned with Gold foil. The tuck features two snakes tangled together, with an owl flying on top of them.

In ancient times, owls are a symbol of wisdom. Alba also illustrated a beautiful artwork on the inner tuck case. The entire design of the box is meant to represent characters of bravery, wisdom, mystery, and the contrary. 

Printed by Taiwan Playing Cards Company on the Legendary Luxury Card Finish. Limited Edition of 2000 Decks with Foil-Numbered Seal. Available for $12 on Kickstarter NOW.

On Kickstarter, The Secret Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 7/22/2021 Rating: 5

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