Kings WIld's Made in the USA Playing Cards

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Kings WIld's Made in the USA Playing Cards

From Kings Wild Project, The Made in United State of America playing cards are now available to the public. The deck celebrates designer Jackson Robinson's love of the United States and the nostalgic memories he has growing up going to the 4th of July Celebrations. According to Jackson Robinson, 
Celebrating the 4th of July was one of my fondest memories. When I was growing up in west Texas, the 4th was a magical day. I distinctively remember my mother would kiss me good-by as I rolled out the front door. I would get on my BMX bike and hit the streets of Canyon, Texas. I would spend the next hour or so riding around the entire city as I would stop at all of my buddy's houses as our small group became a rowdy bike-riding gang, set on enjoying the day and getting a sunburn.

After gathering our "the boyz" we made our way to the local park, to not miss any of the festivities. We knew we were close when we caught the smell of burning charcoal and the laughter of other kids as they threw water balloons to cut the edge of the hot summer sun.

After spending the entire day drinking Capri Suns and filling our guts with backyard cheeseburgers we set back on the freshly cut grass to watch the fireworks. For those few moments, as the explosion of color took place in the sky, all other thoughts faded away, as the love of my country, friends, and family overtook me.

The Made in The USA decks is inspired by those feelings. It is inspired by the smell of the cool summer air the fond memories of frustration as my mother made me put more sunscreen on. I'm so thankful for the freedoms and liberties we have in the United States and hope that even a stack of paper in the form of playing cards can sustain those memories for just a little longer. 

The Made in United State of America sports a patriotic red, white, and blue colorway with custom Ace of Spades, Jokers and mirrored card back with the word 'Made in the United States of America'. 

The court cards are Kings Wild Standards and feature the same color scheme as the tuck and card backs. An excellent deck for any table game with friends and family.

Printed by Mr. Playing Cards on 310 gsm casino stock with an embossed finish. Available NOW for $17.76 on Each deck is sealed and numbered up to 1,776.

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