Mono - X : Chroma Edition Playing Cards Soars Past Kickstarter Funding Goal

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Mono - X : Chroma Edition Playing Cards Soars Past Kickstarter Funding Goal

In 2018, Luke Wadey released Mono - X. the first deck in the Mono collection. The aim is to explore how monochromatic color schemes can be used in playing cards. This was then followed by Xero and heXa as the range of cardistry decks grew. Luke told Kardify,
This made me think though, what would Mono decks look like if they became better suited for magic and gameplay, whilst still being inspired by the recognizable cardistry pattern work used on the decks so far? Out of this question, Mono - heXa : Chroma Edition was created, an elegant evolution of Mono heXa, So well received, it confirmed that I wanted to explore this special edition range further, and where better to take the collection next than back where it all began.

This special edition X Chroma is now over 200% funded on Kickstarter. The eye-catching deck uses a combination of metallic and other inks to transform the dynamic cardistry deck into a refined and elegant creation. The custom back design uses the recognizable Mono line pattern technique but is completely reformed to show a different X in the negative space, the lines refined to form an optical illusion, and borders created for more of a traditional approach. 

For the face cards, the deck uses the traditional black and red suits for easy recognition. The pips are enhanced with streaks of metallic ink brought into each of the black pips. The ace of spades design is truly eye-catching giving it a modern elegant touch. 

The court cards are custom-modified USPCC courts but scaled-down slightly and the image frame removed, allowing for more natural and coherent placement of the single pip. 

The deck is packaged in a minimal tuck box, maintaining the understated and elegant aesthetic. Printed by the USPCC and pledge starts at only £8 (USD$10) on Kickstarter. Add ons such as custom carat cases, and gilded version edition will be available during the campaign.


Mono - X : Chroma Edition Playing Cards Soars Past Kickstarter Funding Goal Reviewed by Ivan on 8/17/2021 Rating: 5

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