Kickstarter: Bicycle Calaveras Reaches Goal; Goes Behind the Scenes Of Video Shoot

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Kickstarter: Bicycle Calaveras Reaches Goal; Goes Behind the Scenes Of Video Shoot

Launched last week on June 12, the Bicycle Calaveras Kickstarter project reached the project goal of $15,000 just four days later. With 500+ backers, the project still has over 36 days to go in funding which will most likely put this project well passed the original goal. This will make time for the multiple stretch goals that are lined up for this project.

Click here to view the Bicycle Calaveras Kickstarter Project.

The Bicycle Calaveras playing card project was created by Ohio based designer Chris Ovdiyenko and features Day Of The Dead inspired art that pays homage to the work of José Posada. José Posada, a Mexican illustrator, is most known for his artistic representation of skulls called calaveras, specifially a piece called La Calavera Catrina.  

La Calavera Catrina courtesy of Wikipedia:


With any Kickstarter project, a huge reason why projects are successful is because of the amount of work and preparation that goes into the project. In the case of the Bicycle Calaveras project, Chris decided to use Smudgeline Studios to put together an intro video. The well produced video at the top of the project highlights the artwork, inspiration, passion and personality of the Bicycle Calaveras. Videos are a great way to give potential backers an inside look into the creator's vision and seriousness. Chris was gracious enough to share some behind the scenes photos of the video shoot with Smudgeline. The photos below really give you a small glimpse at the amount of work and people involved in such a production.

Chris works with his cat on his back and skull on the table....inspiration.

Bicycle Calaveras1

A good portion of the video is an interview with Chris on his couch. You can't buy that equipment at Best Buy.

Bicycle Calaveras2

Making the lighting just right....

Bicycle Calaveras3

It is all about the close ups...

Bicycle Calaveras4

Click on the video screenshot to view the video on Kickstarter....

Kickstarter: Bicycle Calaveras Reaches Goal; Goes Behind the Scenes Of Video Shoot Reviewed by Ivan on 6/16/2013 Rating: 5


  1. I see so many interesting Kickstarter card projects. I am a bit wary of ordering decks this way. Some of them seem to have a lot of extra funding, way more than they need, but I guess this is simple profit and nobody's business, right? As long as you get what you order it seems pretty straightforward?

  2. Yeah that is the nature of Kickstarter. And good for the project creator if it gets overfunded. More reason for the project to succeed. I think if all the rewards are accounted for they can make all the profit they want.

    A few projects have been fully funded and never made it to the backers' hands. It was unfortunate but I think that is the case with all online commerce.

    The best thing to do is to do research on the project creator and the project. Look at past projects, their updates, how transparent they are. Even send them a personal message if you want. At TuckCase we try to screen all projects posted to make sure we are only writing about reputable projects.

  3. Hey Scott, thanks so much for pulling this together! Great writeup!

    JJ, my own perspective launching this project is that getting funded beyond the goal is really good for the card community. It means more people are getting the cards and it also gives the creators more incentive to push their creativity further and produce new decks in the future.



  4. Yes, I can this Chris--everybody needs incentive and particularly with artistic endeavours, it's rare to make huge profits or a profit at all, so I'm all for it. As I said, as long as people get the product they paid for, the profit is really none of our business. More power to you.

    I'm just a bit wary of some of the people who don't seem serious or at least to take the people finding them seriously: fly-by-night opportunists. But that's where research comes in and common sense as Scott says. Good to have people who know the market screening things.

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