Kickstarter: Jackson Robinson Launches Federal 52 Part II

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Kickstarter: Jackson Robinson Launches Federal 52 Part II


Jackson Robinson, creator of the Federal 52 playing card project, launched part II of the Federal 52 Playing Card Series today (12pm pacific time) on Kickstarter after a month of teasers. At launch the funding instantly took off and successfully reached goal after being live for less than 20 minutes (18min 42sec to be exact).  Federal 52 Part II includes the Silver Certificate deck (Bicycle Branded and Unbranded) and the Reserve Note deck (Bicycle branded and Unbranded) that was first introduced during part I of the project but never released. The project also includes the Limited Edition Reserve Note deck which was unveiled shortly after plans for Part II were released. There are various add-ons available that include t-shirts, uncut sheets, posters and an interesting add-on that allows you to buy custom serial numbers and plate IDs to appear on a number of decks.

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Project Background: Federal 52 Playing Card Project Part I finished funding on April 22, 2013. The project, which features bank note playing card designs, included the original Federal 52 (Bicycle branded and Unbranded) along with an additional Gold Certificate deck. The decks from Project I are supposed to appear in September 2013 to backers. Quickly after the funding of Part I, Tuck Case posted a story about how Jackson revealed plans for Part II of the project to be launched on Kickstarter in mid-June.

The Goal: With any Kickstarter project, in order for the creator to receive funding for the project the goal must be met. In this case, the goal was set at $16,000, which is just about double the goal of the original project. However, backers blew through the goal and funds are only growing.


For what this project is offering and what is known about USPCC deck production, Jackson could be asking for a lot more. Fortunately, it is being offered at a great goal level that could be reachable 10x to 20x over. At this rate, these rewards may go quick so act sooner rather than later if you plan to back.

The Timeline: The project will last a total of 40 days and will cease taking backer funds on July 25, 2013. The deck is scheduled to be in your hands in December 2013.

The Decks: At the start of the project, the unlimited playing card decks will be printed on standard Bicycle stock. The Limited Edition Reserve Note will be printed on Casino Bee Stock and will be limited to 1000 decks.

All decks are pictured below with card designs for both decks. Note that not all card designs have been released at this time.

Limited Edition

Limited Edition Reserve Note tuck case


Silver Certificate Playing Cards

Bicycle-branded Silver Certificate tuck case

Unbranded Silver Certificate tuck case

Preview of the card design
silvercerjokers - Copy



Reserve Note Playing Cards

Bicycle-branded Reserve Note tuck case

Unbranded Reserve Note tuck case

Preview of the card design

Unlimited & Limited Edition Reserve Note King of SpadesAlthough not posted on the final project page, this King of Clubs (below design) was posted on an update for the previous project as the Reserve Note King of Clubs.


To check out this project on Kickstarter and to see more card designs, please visit the project page here.

Check out Jackson's Kings Wild Project website.

Check out this interview we did with Jackson last month regarding the Federal 52 Part II Playing Card Project.
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