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News: Card Design Reveal Of UnCommon Beat's The Black Book of Cards

From Uncommon Beat (6/3/2013): 


We are kicking off our reveal of the cards within The Black Book. To kick off, we want to share more about the design of the cards and concept behind the deck.


As many of you have already seen in the teaser ad, revealed within the pages of The Black Book of Cards is a typographic design. In addition, we focused on creating FORM by utilizing TYPE to make the traditional court card faces that we all know so well come to life and we focused on creating PATTERN through TYPE to develop unique designs on the non-court cards. Hence the design focus on FORM. PATTERN. TYPE.

THE INSPIRATION: We have put a lot of work into the design of the cards which we hope you enjoy! There are many angles that we have considered for the concept of a typographic deck from focusing on the history of playing cards, use, design, etc. For this project though, we have drawn inspiration from our supporters as we have learned from our interaction with many of you, there is a individual behind every backer and we want to celebrate this by creating a deck that shows there is a individual behind every card. Thus, why the teaser ad included many of your backer names. It is the beginning of many volumes we have planned for the Book Series and we believe it is a great way to kick off volume one by introducing a concept about playing cards that may be unfamilar, is engaging, and design focused!


The concept behind the Black Book begins with the notion that we all have a card within the playing card deck that is based on the day we were born. This notion is based on various methods used in Astrology, Numerology, and Cartomancy that reveal some of the characteristics of individuals who were born on the same day or share the same playing card. Did you know that you have a designated playing card in the deck that is based on the day you were born very similar to the concept of your Zodiac sign? Each card within The Black Book of Cards is a compilation of words that have been used to describe characteristics of individuals who share the same playing card. A fun, lighthearted, and entertaining concept revealed within its pages. What will your card say?

You hold a King of Diamonds if you were born on:
June 4th (Happy Almost B-Day!), July 2nd, Jan 14th, Feb 12th, March 10th, April 8th, May 6th

You hold a Queen of Hearts if you were born on:
July 29th, Aug 27th, Sep 25th, Oct 23rd, Nov 21st, Dec 19th


As with any Typographic design, the font selection is an important one. We selected a font, HIGHWAY GOTHIC, that is commonly used on road signs across the world telling you where you are and where you are going. We have all been dealt a card but it's how you play the card you hold well that can lead you to where you are headed.

For more information from The Black Book of Cards check out their website -

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