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Deck View: Playing Cards from Coat of Arms

Royals. Mariners. Bandits. Knights

These limited edition playing cards are exclusively hand-illustrated by Scott Benson for Coat of Arms, a post-production company based in Chicago. Inspired by the age of discovery, explore the world of Royals, Mariners, Bandits and Knights. 

This delightful deck is printed by Quality Playing Cards on a high quality, plastic-coated, linen card stock and encased in a custom tuck box. The deck includes 54 uniquely illustrated cards. The design on the back features a Belgian horse's head and a crest adorned by flowered vines. As if they have seen hundreds of games already, these cards appear aged in their design but fresh and crisp in their quality.

Limited quantities (less than a hundred) are available from Coat of Arms

Deck View: Playing Cards from Coat of Arms Reviewed by Ivan on 11/08/2014 Rating: 5

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