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First Look: Sky Island Airways Playing Cards Part II by the Blue Crown

Here is the second part of our exclusive first look at the intriguing Sky Island Airways playing cards. This stylish deck is created by the multi-talented Edo Huang and magician extraordinaire Alex Pandrea. In this part, we look at how the Sky Island Airways concept came about.

The whole concept started back in March 2014 when Alex called Edo in the middle of the night with an idea that he wanted to incorporate into a new deck of playing cards.

Alex told Edo, "Lets make up an airlines theme deck!"

From that idea, they discussed and brainstormed throughout the night about the concept and the theme of the deck. Following that, Edo started doing rough sketches, logo and the back design.

"Alex wanted to make a simple clean back design with a vibrant summer feel", Edo suggested that the face cards, courts, pips and jokers should be customized so that everyone can see a whole new design from these cards and at the same time generate some excitement.

Edo then continued his work with more sketches, digitising them and compiling it into a final draft. Alex liked what he saw and they proceeded to finalised the design.

Sky Island Airways Playing Cards will be printed by the masters at Expert Playing Card Co and will be available on November 28 (Black Friday).

To keep up to date on Sky Island Airways or for more custom playing cards, follow the Blue Crown on their Facebook page.

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