Kickstarter: Tendril Ascendant and Tendril Nightfall Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Tendril Ascendant and Tendril Nightfall Playing Cards

Here's an exclusive first look of what is sure to be one of the most coveted decks this year, Tendril Ascendant and Tendril Nightfall by Encarded. Both worthy successors to the highly sought-after original Tendril playing cards.

[Update] Project is now LIVE on Kickstarter.

The first deck is called Ascendant. Its design incorporates all the refinements that Encarded have learned over the years and mixes those with the organic symmetry first seen in the original Tendril. The colors are bold, the borders are intense, the faces are dark and the level of detail has been increased.

Second is called Nightfall, a mirror of the original with much the same art and layout. Encarded designed the original to be as if you were in the tropical rainforest, peering up at the sun through the natural habitat. Nightfall is that same view, but time-shifted to the evening, when the moon is glowing and the light is cool and dark. Encarded subtly refined many aspects of the original design and added some visual texture and detail.

The most eye-catching item in the project is the MegaTuck. This never seen before tuck will hold one of each deck in the Trilogy: Tendril, Ascendant and Nightfall. It is hand-crafted of fine papers, with precision cut viewing windows that will show the three holographic signature seals from each deck, as well as a top window to get a small peek inside. There is a contrasting belly band with a hand foiled Tendril design and the individual edition number. The box will be signed in silver ink. Because these are handmade, and because Encarded have only a handful of original Tendril decks left, this is a VERY limited item.

Tendril Ascendant and Nightfall will be available on Kickstarter from 1 December 10am EST and will be printed by USPCC. There are a couple of add-ons available, including a coin, uncut sheets and a holographic signature panel which can be added to any deck.

Don't miss out!

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