Kickstarter: The Ultimate Universe Playing Cards [Updated]

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Kickstarter: The Ultimate Universe Playing Cards [Updated]

This year, the team at Gambler's Warehouse have been busy producing a number of crowd-funded playing cards such as the uber-cool Double Black Limited Edition, the mysterious Occults and the popular Steampunk Bandit.

[Update] The Ultimate Universe playing cards are now live on Kickstarter.

In less than 10 days, Gambler’s Warehouse will release their latest project on Kickstarter- the Ultimate Universe playing cards. This eye-catching deck is a conceptual expansion on the four symbols of Oriental mythology. Elements of 2D pixel art infused with striking color schemes make for a visual experience that is both complex and fun. Mythology and technology coalesce beautifully in Ultimate Universe.

Ultimate Universe will be the first deck by artist Junichi Tsuneoka who has produced art for acts such as Mos Def and Mudhoney, and for the brand Nike.

To keep up to date on the Ultimate Universe Playing Cards, follow Gambler's Warehouse on their Facebook page.

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  1. Thanks Ivan! We are super excited about this release. It is sure to be one of our biggest hits yet :)


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