Collections: Legends Version 1

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Collections: Legends Version 1

"Lawrence Sullivan, a Holland-born magician with 23 years of sleights and flourishes up his sleeve, took it upon himself to raise the bar on playing card deck standards. With input from William Kalush, director of the Conjuring Arts Research Center, the smallest details of an individual card were redesigned from the ground up."

Simply amazing cards, as a novice in magic and cardistry it struck me as impressive that "I" could tell the difference everyone was talking about. The intricate "Dragon" back design is just incredibly detailed and eye catching. The somewhat standard faces help keep the look of the deck familiar for working professional. The handling of the deck is were most will be impressed, they are just very smooth and easy to work with. Just beautifully designed and full of amazing secrets to discover, if you've hesitated on trying the Legends I would highly recommend giving them a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Available in 3 colors: Red, Blue and Teal Green. Becoming harder to find in the market place, but well worth the small premium when you do.

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