CONTEST: WIN a Hand Signed HIVE Deck!!

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CONTEST: WIN a Hand Signed HIVE Deck!!

In honor of the release of the highly anticipated Hive 2 by Brendan Hong and Kings Wild Project, we're going to be giving away 6 RARE hand signed decks from the creator of the deck, Brendan Hong!

I know the word "Rare" is overused these days, but these are truly RARE! You don't see many of these around because Brendan doesn't sign many. We were honored with receiving 6 to give away to some lucky backers of the Hive 2 campaign. We have 3 of the Red Edition and 3 of the Blue Edition to give away, the Red is signed in Gold paint pen, while the Blue in Silver.

The Hive deck on it's own is a must have, add Brendan's signature to the deck and now you truly have something special to add to your collection.


- Winners will be selected at random

- You must be a backer of the project
- You can only win once
- The deck color you receive will be random

- Winners will have their autographed deck delivered with their Hive 2 Rewards

Drawings will take place 6 times throughout the course of the campaign, with the final drawing on February 16th, 2015.

To be entered into the random drawing all you need to do is be a backer of the Hive 2. The project funded in less than a day, but decks are still available on the Kings Wild Funded platform, back the project for the chance to win a very special hand signed deck.

Left: Limited Edition / Right: Standard Edition
Hive II decks start at $8.00 per deck with various combo packages still available.  

Drawings will be held on the following dates and winners will be posted and notified.

January 28th - January 31st - February 4th - February 7th - February 11th - February 16th

Kardify would like to thank Brendan for his generosity and giving us the opportunity to share such a great and unique item with our readers and Hive Backers!

So go pick up your Hive 2 deck and be Entered to WIN!!

January 28th: Steven Ciociola
January 31st: Garyl Hester
February 4th: Yaroslav Krushko
February 7th: Robert Bosch
February 11th: Ben Schroeder
February 16th: George Sikes

**Cancelling a pledge after winning a signed deck will result in a forfeit of said prize. 
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  1. So this is an automatic contest? Backer = entered in contest?

  2. I think I am gonna get the Hive 2 to get the the first edition!!!

  3. Sounds that way to me Kai.

    Thanks Tony. I mentioned contests the other day and here we have one. Lol.

  4. Yep, all backers are automatically entered. If you're backed the deck, you're good so you can sit back and just wait until the drawing dates.

  5. LOL, This is all Brendan and his generosity! Good Luck everyone :)

  6. Holy crap I won something for the first time in my life! I got the email from Brendan this morning. Thanks for the opportunity you guys are awesome!

  7. Congrats! And thanks for your support and really, thanks Kardify of helping us run the contest. We'll take care of everything once the campaign is over.

  8. Wow, thanks! That would be a great addition to my collection! =)

  9. Super awesome! I cant wait to get my deck!


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