Kickstarter: Wiretap: Gag Order Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Wiretap: Gag Order Playing Cards

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Wiretap: Gag Order is the successor to the NSA-themed Wiretap deck. The theme of Gag Order revolves around cyberpunk espionage. Set in the year 2261, governmental pervasion of intelligence law has deepened to the point of creating a totalitarian society, and voices are starting to speak out against the heavy-handed gathering tactics.

Expertly illustrated by Dave Boyd, the deck is inspired by the recent NSA scandals, Blade Runner, and cyberpunk media including Battle Angel Alita and the Matrix. The deck remains true to its espionage roots explored by the first Wiretap deck, but distinguishes itself from its predecessor through story setting and artwork changes.

No longer do the cards sport bright reds and blues adorned with NSA whisteblowers; Gag Order cards present muted tones and nameless spies working under either resistance or government efforts.

Court cards feature new borders, the back is a broken dual-actuator HDD, and the "cameras" in the pips of the original deck now have closed lenses to symbolise civilian efforts to jam government transmissions.

Though recognizable faces like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are gone, the government intelligence agencies of the NSA, FBI, DIA, and CIA remain.

Gag Order was an absolute blast to draw, and I hope you'll enjoy slinging some spy tech at your next poker night!

Before Dave decided to go with Legends, Gag Order was intended to be a Bicycle branded deck.

Pledge starts from $9 and Wiretap: Gag Order Playing Cards will be printed by LPCC on their highest quality stock with 'Diamond Finish'. Add-ons such as uncut sheet and a 11x17" poster are also available.

Don't miss out and get immersed in the gritty cyberpunk world!

Kickstarter: Wiretap: Gag Order Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 1/15/2015 Rating: 5

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