First Look: Gemini Playing Cards by Stockholm17

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First Look: Gemini Playing Cards by Stockholm17

[Update] Gemini Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Two years in the making, Gemini is a fascinating deck of playing cards designed by Lorenzo Gaggiotti of Stockholm17, creator of stunning playing card decks such as Requiem, Heretic, No.17 and Le Chat Rouge. The Gemini Playing Cards has been meticulously crafted to give it a classic medieval feel.

The deck features aces that are depicted as axes and the royals of the court cards interact with their own pip, becoming part of the illustration. The number pips are bold, big and they take a lot of space. Lorenzo used an unconventional index (horizontal layout instead of vertical) for Gemini because he likes to push the boundaries and bend the unwritten rules of playing cards design.

The striking tuck box design is a collaboration between Lorenzo and Calligraffiti ambassador Karl O'brien from UK (Instagram: @85Kobe). This beautiful calligraphic text has been handcrafted by Karl and it looks like an ancient manuscript.

On the design process, Lorenzo said,
Gemini has been a long project that took 2 years of discontinued development; from the first concept sketch done in August 2014 (below) to what was unveiled in April 2015 when the style, the color palette, and the layout were set.

 The name Gemini is based on the peculiarity of the court cards. Lorenzo explained,
At first glance the royals of each court card look perfectly symmetrical, but they are not. I depicted them as twins (Gemini in latin), so you will be spotting differences when you look at the details. Those who followed Heretic Playing Cards, will remember this feature in the 58th card of the deck: the smiling-crying Queen of Hearts. I thought that the Gemini zodiac sign would fit this idea, so it gets a bit astrological in its design. The archetype of Gemini is fascinating and intriguing.

Like his previous projects, Lorenzo will have a few special items designed exclusively for Gemini, which will be unveiled at the right time. The campaign will start with a goal set for 2 decks: Gemini Terra and Gemini Ignis (fire in latin). Also, there is an awesome add-on that Lorenzo was able to show it in its real beauty: a poker card guard (or card protector) shaped like Gemini symbol in black nickel, with plated vines.

For the stretched goal, Lorenzo have the Gemini Noctis and when it will is unlocked new rewards and items will be unveiled! Finally, Lorenzo will release Gemini Experimental: a special version of the deck as he used during the kickstarter campaign. More will be unveiled soon.

[Update] Gemini Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

To keep up with the launch of Gemini Playing Cards on September 10, you can follow Stockholm17's event on Facebook.

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