News: Casino Royale Bright Edition from Bomb Magic

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News: Casino Royale Bright Edition from Bomb Magic

Casino Royale is the latest release from Bomb Magic, targeting a wider audience, the Bright Edition is well suited for everything from cardistry to a game of poker.

The colorful back design is an homage to the classic Casino decks with a modern twist and presentation reflecting the companies philosophy.

Printed out of Taiwan, the casino stock on the "Royale" finish handles exceptionally well right out of the box. Casino Royale is slated to be released in 2 more versions, the Mystic Edition and the Limited Artists Edition.

Casino Royale Playing Cards is born to present our brand new Casino Stock + Royal Finish. “Royal” is named by lots of traditional casino playing cards because it’s also to correspond these noble entertainment industries. That’s why we released this brand new Casino Royale Playing Cards. It is designed with traditional casino-styles and has a back of fashion multi-colored diamond. It’s inspired by old casino deck is also implanted with some modern design characteristics. All aces and court cards are newly designed as our previous released decks. Jokers are also presented the spirit of our brand.

You can keep up to date with Bomb Magic latest releases and future project by following then on Facebook or vist their main site for product sales.

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