First Look: The Neon Deck by Sansminds

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First Look: The Neon Deck by Sansminds

[Update] The Neon Deck now available on Sansminds.

Here's something really cool from the creative minds at Sansminds, the Neon Deck! Designed for cardists of all levels in mind, the Neon Deck is not your regular acrylic trainer...

It is specially made to glow under black light! Check out the awesome video by Anna DeGuzman:

A video posted by Anna DeGuzman (@annadeguzman) on

We have been playing around with the sample for a few weeks and it does take a couple of days to get used to the trainers. However, these cool trainers ARE eye-catching and sure to turn heads even without the glow. Many were impressed by the quality and the sleek finish of the trainers.

Inside each deck, you will receive 9 packets. Way more than the usual trainers currently found in the market.

Each packet is 2 millimetre thick, with the length and width of a standard poker sized playing card, 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Ideal to help build muscle memory and perfecting your card flourishes.

The Neon Deck will be available on September 9th in 4 different vibrant colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. These will definitely add colors and style to your cardistry vids. The possibilities are endless.

[Update] The Neon Deck now available on Sansminds for $24.95.

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