Deck View: Draconian WIGHT Playing Cards

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Deck View: Draconian WIGHT Playing Cards

Dragons. Ice. Fantasy.

Midnight Card Company released the Draconian WIGHT Playing Cards earlier this year on Kickstarter. The latest edition is inspired the latest season of Game of Thrones. Designer Randy Butterfield was watching Game of Thrones and he was immediately inspired to do a white / ice version of his popular Draconian design.

Like its predecessors, the Draconian WIGHT features hypnotic borderless back design and the face cards feature random fire/crackle fissures of Blue over a subtle light grey background. The fissures are also incorporated into the designs of the pips, courts, Aces, and Jokers. The Classic Courts are flanked with the Dragon scales spiral-shaped.

The deck is housed in an eye-catching premium Matte tuck box with blue foil and clear UV Spot Ink on the white dragon scales! The Draconian WIGHT Deck will be printed by Legends Playing Card Co. on their Classic Finish. Available now from for $10.95 For more cool decks, check out JP Games.

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