Ellusionist Releases Jurassic Park Playing Cards!

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Ellusionist Releases Jurassic Park Playing Cards!

Ellusionist in collaboration with Universal Studios and the Jurassic Park franchise has released Jurassic Park Playing Cards on Black Friday. The deck is inspired by the original Jurassic Park movie back in the 90s and sports a retro look and feel. It looks like it has been left in the long-abandoned park and savaged by 25 years of tropical storms.

On the outside,  the old school Jurassic Park emblem brings back memories1 The tuck features a textured feel and you will immediately notice the claw mark of the ferocious raptor! Nice touch! It adds an element of danger and surprise to the deck.

Inside, from Dino DNA to a full grown triceratops, the residents of the park have been let to loose to roam throughout the deck. Designed with the park in mind,  each deck is crawling with familiar imagery every fan will know and love.

Printed by Cartamundi on their famous B9 finish, this deck will sure to be a conversation starter. Available for $11.95 at Ellusionist.

Ellusionist Releases Jurassic Park Playing Cards! Reviewed by Ivan on 11/26/2018 Rating: 5

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