News: Spark Playing Cards by Art of Play

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News: Spark Playing Cards by Art of Play

Spark Playing Cards is the latest release by Art of Play. The limited edition deck- Soulsight Deck of Bright Ideas was produced in collaboration with Soulsight.

The deck was designed to "spark" ideation and conquer creative block. The idea is to use one of the 36 prompt cards in the deck as a catalyst to ignite your thinking and take your creativity to the next level.

The number cards of feature prompt phrases in contrasting colors to ignite your creativity. The Aces of each suit symbolizes the core value of the company- respect: Clubs, honestly: Spades,  courage: Diamonds and trust: Hearts.

Printed by The United States Playing Card Company on thin-stock preferred by cardists. Packaged inside a gorgeous letterpress-printed tuck box with foil and embossing. Now on ArtofPlay for $15.

Images provided by @antno_. Find more of his cool images on Instagram (@antno_). 


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