Deck View: Multiverse Playing Cards

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Deck View: Multiverse Playing Cards

Multiverse Playing Cards is one of two decks in "The One" playing cards series by Skymember Presents. The deck is fully custom and hand-illustrated by Austin Ho, designer of the Olympians Playing Cards. This deck is designed with a mind-boggling possibility in mind— that an infinite number of parallel universes might exist in this dark, vast unknown with multiple versions of ourselves venturing into actions with various different outcomes.

This concept is uniquely translated into the design of Multiverse’s simplistic and consistent narrative. Each fragment on a card represents a different, alternate universe of the same person; each with their very own story. Fully custom, the deck comes in a black/white colorway with unique face cards and intriguing card back.

Multiverse is printed by the USPCC on thin crushed stock. Available from For other cool decks check out JP Games.

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