Surfboard Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle Creator Space

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Surfboard Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle Creator Space

Surfboard Playing Cards is the first deck from Kevin Yu's Riffle Shuffle Creator Space. Riffle Shuffle Creator Space is a platform that helps creators bring their first deck of playing cards to reality. According to Kevin,
The goal is to present to you the premium playing cards with Stylish & Unique Designs from worldwide designers. We welcome all designers who need help on producing their first playing card project. It is a place to gather brilliant ideas and make designers' dreams become true.

One year in the making, Surfboard playing cards are designed by Dario Genuardi and features fully custom artwork conveying the unapologetic bravery to those who choose a path and follow through. Every day many people seek the perfect spot for surfing, chase the perfect wave.

The aesthetically pleasing card backs are incredibly detailed with surfboards, waves, camper vans, ukuleles, flip-flops, octopus tentacles and more...! The various back design elements sure put you in the mood for a day at the beach. Also, the card backs are updated with a marking system.

The face cards are equally impressive. The courts in particular are represented by different kinds of people who share a common interest... from the cool guy and the Rasta surfer, the youngster and the old man, to the yoga hippie guy, and the vegan or the BBQ lover.

Meanwhile, the number cards have a unified surfboard design, matching the rest of the deck perfectly. For fans of the Dario's previous deck, you will notice the similar style that was used.

The deck is housed in a vibrant blue colorway that will make you think of the beautiful white beaches of Hawaii, Teahupo’o, Bali, or maybe Mentawai? On the tuck, the word ‘Surf’ is written in a laid-back style, evoking the easy-going feeling that you get on the beach during the sunset. Also, the tuck artwork feature an octopus tentacles wrapped tightly around a windsurfing board. Its grip is as strong as the surfer’s love for his surfboard.

Surfboard Playing Card will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company, with AIR CUSHION Finish on the BEE-CRUSHED Technology. Pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter! Surf's Up!

Surfboard Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle Creator Space Reviewed by Ivan on 4/09/2019 Rating: 5

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