Card Flash: Betrayers Playing Cards

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Card Flash: Betrayers Playing Cards

Wow! Another incredible deck series by Italian designer Giovanni Meroni! The decks arrived last month and were originally funded on Kickstarter in under 24 hours with over €36k raised in 2018.

What makes Betrayers different is flat design style and bold color schemes giving the illusion of 3D. Fans of Giovanni will notice that the artwork of Betrayers is a departure from his usual style.

All four decks are gorgeous! Betrayers Lucis, Tenebra and Veritas, in particular, are vibrant, colorful and thought-provoking, which add to the appeal and character of the decks. Giovanni loves to add small custom details to his artworks, so there is a lot to discover.

Betrayers Invictus is the Limited Edition deck from the campaign. The deck comes with beautiful metallic ink on face cards and the backs and kept secured on a STUNNING gold foiled black tuck box.

What impressed me the most is that everything is completely different for each deck- the tuck boxes, color palette, card back and face cards. Giovanni spent a lot of time and effort producing Betrayers and the quality results shows.

Card Flash: Betrayers Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 4/19/2019 Rating: 5

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