First Look at the Parlour Playing Cards

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First Look at the Parlour Playing Cards

On Kickstarter tomorrow! The Parlor Playing Cards, a collaboration between Lorenzo Gaggiotti of Stockholm17 and the Gentleman Wake. This exquisite deck playing cards are inspired by the age-old and admired decks.

Fully custom and meticulously crafted by Lorenzo, the deck features improved and customized Court Cards designed to be instantly recognizable yet upon closer inspection reveal unique refinements. On the design, Lorenzo told Kardify,
It is a classic looking semi-custom deck similar to Ravn and there are a lot of graphic elements recalling the graphics from the end of 1800. All the fonts are hand made and the tuck mimic those old handmade posters advertising products, with plenty of texts in a different style (not the same font so to speak). The court cards have been tweaked and they hold items from TGW room. There are plenty of details depicting objects that are part of TGW room, and that room is called Parlour.

The classic mirrored card backs come with TGW monogram spade, rhinoceros beetles and damask pattern, designed to feel classic and nuanced.

The bold custom Ace of Spades and illustrated Jokers featuring Sir Fox, and Shakespeare the Cat, completes the deck. The deck is packaged in a stunning tuck produced by renowned printer Lotrek and Oath Playing Cards. Lorenzo continued,
The Jokers are Sir Fox and Shakespeare the cat, both with a clear vintage outfit. Sir fox sells decks, and the cat sells nickelodeon shows. Also, Shakespeare the cat is his real cat, a british shorthair breed. The fox is a bust in his room. The whole design meant to communicate a vintage feeling keeping the standard readability and usability. The back is very classic and that is how we wanted it.

Two colorways are on offer during the campaign, deep navy blue and rich wine red on premium paper stock. Both tucks are embossed and adorned in metallic foil in red/blue and gold.

The Parlour Playing Cards deck will be printed by Cartamundi on crushed paper stock using their proprietary B9 true linen finish. Launching on Kickstarter tomorrow and pledge starts at $16.

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